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Best Dating Tips and Advice for Women

A perfect date is only possible when both the sides click. Often the girls think that it is because of the guys, a date goes horribly wrong. Due to some gestures, a possible relationship goes in vain. There are certain tips that can be very useful for the girls who want to see a date going well.

Tips to follow while in a date

Not all tips can be tagged with the girls of different age group. However, there are some common ones that can be used. Follow the Dating Tips mentioned below and become a smart dater.

  • Non-negotiable factors

Try to find out the things that make irritates you or makes you stay away from guys. Fixating on such things will surely make you decide whether to continue the relationship or end it right away. For an instance, whether you like a cat but not other pets, smoking is not permissible, etc to decide faster and keep looking.

  • Stop limiting yourself

Previously, the dating trend was not to look out for men who are divorced or have a kid. Nowadays, you can rule out this myth and can go for any relation. Good men can be anywhere. You will never know the person without dating him. Learn about him more and check whether he is a suitable person to date or not.

  • Do not inflate

Lying is a big no-no for a relationship. It is even true for a date. When you are on a date, you need to be true from the core of your heart. Do not exaggerate the fact or inflate. Eventually, the things will come out and can jeopardize the relationship. If the relationship starts with lies then it will be full of deceptions in the future.

  • No rules for calling and texting

There are no Dating rules for calling or texting a person you just met. It is not a game or a psychological competition that you have to win. If you are interested, be smart and express your feelings. Do not wait for a day or two to contact him. Honesty and spontaneity are what you need for a fruitful relationship.

  • Look for red flags

Focus on what the date is answering when you ask him simple questions. If he s blabbering or cannot make proper eye contact while answering simple questions, smell the fish and forget him. Trust your gut and try highlighting the weirdness.

  • Emotional availability

If your previous relationship was not a good one, you still need to be emotionally available for the guy you are dating. Open your feelings and make him feel that you care for him. You might feel scared of getting hurt again but it will also strengthen your present relationship.

  • Exploration

Meeting someone and learning things about him is kind of an exploration. The great things are revealed slowly. Do not be eager and start researching his past. Explore the path and make it stronger steadily.

How about some dating tips that will change your life forever? These tips will be very useful to understand your date well and move forward.

  • Smiling

When the guy you are dating smiles with his full front row of teeth showing, he is interested. If he has forgotten the basic etiquettes, it does not mean he is rude. It means he is very comfortable with you as he likes you a lot.

  • Maintaining eye contact

This is the Best dating advice for Indians. If your date is staring at your assets then you do not want to see him anymore. If he is maintaining proper eye contact or staring at your face all the time, then he is a keeper.

  • Deep breath

Sighing more often when you are around is a sign that the person wants to be with you all the time. You are making him weak or skip a beat.

  • Leaning while listening

Someone only leans when he is interested in your conversation.

  • Walking and holding hands

If your date is holding your hands firmly then he is interested. If he is walking with his fingers locked with yours then he wants to progress in this relationship. Avoid those who walk ahead leaving you behind.

These Best Dating Tips and Advice for Women will ensure that you find the right guy for a fascinating life ahead.

There will be thousands of profiles in the free dating websites in India. Be a sensitive person and trust yourself to find the right person.


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