Dating is not a game that you need to win all the time. You cannot always show yourself superior to the person sitting in front of you. It is a gesture to know a person well and build a strong relationship in the future. People often enclose themselves in front of an unknown person. It takes time to open you. The time varies from person to person. Be patient and follow these Dating Tips for a fruitful venture to know someone.

  • Truth

This is the first and most important point to ponder when you are dating someone. Truth is the glue that will hold your relationship during tough times. Saying the truth also needs courage if you have done something wrong. Try to be honest as much as possible so as to strengthen the bond. A relationship based on lies will not fade away creating distance.

  • Loosen up

Even if you are suffering from a bad time, you need to loosen up and show how nifty you are in handling pressure. Don’t feel pressurized with the social obligations or any abnormal situation in your life. Be yourself and share the events of your day with your date. Lose the rigidity and let the date flow normally.

  • Eliminate the wishlist

Every girl has a dream of marrying a tall, dark, and handsome guy with a six-figure salary. This is actually a fantasy. There is no hard and first rule that you will be happy with someone matching these criteria. Ditch this wish list and date anyone you are interested in. Do not be so picky as you might miss the chance with some really awesome guys.

On the contrary, try to make a list of features that do not contain a price tag or a yardstick to measure a quality. Include feelings and emotions which keep a relationship alive.

  • Show your interest or enthusiasm

If you are interested in a guy, you need to show it. There is no rule that makes you look needy. If the date turns out well then tell it directly to the person and don’t wait for three days.

The same mistake extinguishes the fire in the relationship. Being a mystery might look appealing but not for a long time. Not letting the man know that you like him or playing hard for him is not the way to look attractive in 2018. Eventually, the guy will lose hope or stop chasing you when he loses interest. Go straight and tell him about your interest in the relationship. No matter what type of rules the Free Dating Sites dictate, follow your heart and show your eagerness.

Few relationship advices for 2018

  • Communicate

When you are in a relationship, you can overcome any kind of fuss by communicating with your boyfriend. A communication gap brings down an entire organization. Maintaining proper communication in between two persons is not that hard. Talk more with each other to find out the things he likes and common interests. Learning about the smallest details will definitely strengthen your relationship.

  • Build trust

You cannot always feel jealous when a female friend approaches your guy. Trust is the biggest pillar that will support your relationship during hard times. You need to build trust in your relationship to avoid baseless fights. In the same context, you deserve the same trust from your partner too. Show him how much you care and love.

From trust, you will find faithfulness and loyalty. Being honest with each other at every possible level will strengthen your bond. Tell what happened to you today and share your thoughts. Create a level of faithfulness and indulge in maintaining it.

  • Show some effort

Love runs out of fuel when the couple stops showing some efforts. For an instance, baking a cake without any particular reason or watching a movie that he likes will surely reflect how much you love and care for him.

  • Be reasonable

He might be busy this week and could not make it up to you. Try to be reasonable rather than binding him with unnecessary emotional shackles.

  • Parameters

Find out what attracts you or repels you. Concentrate on things other than physical attributes of your date such as habits, pets, etc. It will help you to decide whether you want to continue or quit.

  • No limits

Never stop yourself from knowing a guy who was married once. Forget the limits when you are living in the 21st century. An ideal partner can be anyone who loves you and keeps you happy.

  • Stop lying

Lying will surely bite you back. If your date finds out you are lying to impress him, you are done. Be honest and specific. It is probably the best dating advice for Indians.

  • Call or text when you want

Forget the 3-day-rule for texting a guy you dated. If you like him, call him right away. If you do not want to talk or respond to his messages, be clear.

  • Being emotionally available

Even if you are going through a rough patch, you need to be emotionally available for your date.

Trust your instinct. If anything fishy is going on, smell it and leave. Be honest and vigilant on your date.

  • Love is life

The love life is not a complicated venture. It is a journey that you need to start with a person you understand well. Follow the tips and make your relationship stronger every day.

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