If you are tired of hearing the common phrase “Let’s just be friends!”, then it hints that you are making some mistakes in dating. To improve your success rate with women, it is important to know about some common mistakes so you can emerge as the perfect lady’s man.


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DateInd.com highlights some of the most common mistakes guys make when dating, while giving suggestions to avoid these blunders as follows:

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  1. Do not be late: It is highly imperative to respect a woman’s time if you want to win her heart. Regardless of whether you are picking up your date from home or meeting her at some place, you should always make sure to be on time. Never keep a woman waiting for you, this might make you appear extremely inconsiderate. Arriving late also reflects that your girl is not important to you and accordingly her time is not that vital. Arrive at the destination a couple of minutes before your decided time. Arriving 5 or 10 minutes early doesn’t make you seem anxious, instead it says that you are very serious about your relationship with the girl.


  1. Do not complain: Even if your date does not flow as per your plan or the waiter fails to follow your instructions, do not lose your cool. If you’ve had a bad day at work, do not bring it up when you two are trying to enjoy some special time together. No lady wishes for a first date to be so negative, and she unquestionably would not like to invest her energy with somebody who cannot make her have a good time. Dates should always to be fun, so do not let anything spoil the plan.


  1. Try not to look at other ladies: This is one of the biggest mistakes guys make when dating. There is nothing more irritating than a man’s meandering eye. It is normal for a man to take a look at other ladies, yet your look should not stretch too long, it should not be evident to your date or any other individual around you. This is extremely discourteous and disrespectful. It should not be difficult for you to just focus on the one you are with, if you are truly serious about your date. It is important for a man to take control of his wandering eyes to leave a great first impression on his woman.


  1. Do not over compliment her: You must have heard the phrase that you cannot complement a lady enough; however, this simply isn’t valid in today’s modern world. There is dependably a limit, particularly when you are out on a date. Women surely want to get compliments, yet an overflow of them can make you appear to be phony, fake, and desperate. It would be ideal if you give your lady some subtle compliments, but do not overdo it, regardless of whether you can think about a million ways to make her feel special, save some for the future! It is a good idea to tell her she looks beautiful when you pick her up and reveal to her that you had a good time while dropping her off. Anything past that can make you seem as though you are asking for her attention.

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  1. Do not talk too much about yourself: It can be a little difficult to think about things to discuss on a first date, but never make the whole date only about you. Definitely, women would like to get familiar with the man they are out with, however, there ought to be an equivalent exchange of data. In the event that you are experiencing considerable difficulties in striking an engaging conversation, you can make her ask you questions. First date discussions ought to be light and fun, and should be based on gripping topics like your favourite TV shows, sports you follow and the like.


DateInd explains that the timing and setting in which you ask a girl out is also very important. Asking a girl in front of other girls may reduce your chances of her saying yes. Moreover, if the girl is having a bad day and is already irritated, then the probability of her saying yes to you is greatly reduced. Now that you know about various common mistakes guys make when dating, you can easily take steps to avoid them in order to get the date of your choice. Keep the above mentioned things in mind and you are sure to have a good time with your girl!

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