It is said that men and women are from different planets! Both the sexes are quite different from each other in terms of their thinking, the way they perceive touch and their general approach to life. It is due to all these differences that dating sometimes can prove to be a challenging task, especially when you do not know what the other one wants. If you are a woman and are wondering how to ace the art of dating, then you have come to the right place!

Take a look at dating tips- dating advice for women from men given below to have a rewarding dating experience that fills your life with love!

Dating Advice For Women From Men

1. Just be yourself: The first and the most important dating advice to women is to be themselves. A lot of women think that in order to impress a man they need to be the Ms. Perfect! Well, ladies! That’s absolutely not the case. We, men, appreciate genuineness more than anything else. You do not need to project yourself as somebody you are not to win our heart, just be yourself and the right man will love you for who you are, and not for something you are not!

2. Trust us: This is one thing that all men want from their ladies- trust! If you trust a man with a secret, be sure that he will keep it. We love it when you feel secure with us to share your fears and inhibitions. If you believe in us, we will make every effort to not disappoint you ever! First we want to be your friend and then your dating partner with whom who are not scared to speak and share everything!

3. Do not lose your individuality: It is true that men are attracted towards independent women who know what they want from life. Do not lose your individuality or do everything your man does in order to keep him hooked to you. Remember, opposites attract! So, do not stop doing the things you would usually do just for getting into the relationship. It is better that a couple is interdependent, which means that we both are dependent on each other for some things and also independent at the same time.

4. Do not call us all the time: This is one of the most needed dating tips- dating advice for women from men. Many women start calling their boyfriends the moment the date is over, this is so annoying. There are many girls who keep calling and texting their boyfriends every other minute, thinking that they are showing care! But, trust me ladies, we do not take it that way! In fact, constant calling makes us feel smothered! It would be wise if you let us make the first move after the date!

5. Play the mystery girl: We men love to take up something challenging that assures our belief in our abilities. This is also the same with dating! Men love to date women who appear to be a mystery to them, so be mysterious to make dating more fun and intriguing! We would love to get close to a lady who appears like an undiscovered treasure and not someone who is readily giving out all the details about her without even asking!

6. Don’t start talking about commitment right from the start: There are many men out there who are afraid of commitment so just do not bring up this topic right on the first date. Commitment is a big word for all of us, and once we make it, we stick to it. So, give us some time to know you better so we are more than happy to give you our word regarding long term relationship commitment.

Top 6 Dating Tips

Bear in mind the above mentioned useful dating tips- dating advice for women from men to lay the foundation of a strong lasting relationship with your partner. These tips are highly helpful to get into the mind of your man to have a delightful and fun-filled love life! Spice up your dating scene with these handy tips that go far in adding excitement and thrill into your personal life!

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