Terms and Conditions

Use of the platform and any of its services provided by this platform is governed solely by If there is any legal dispute between a user and the platform, it will be governed by the law of India. It is recommended to use this platform by complying with all applicable laws of society, local, state, or federal rules and regulations.

This agreement of terms and condition will be applicable until the day you are a member or user of the The denial of the same is not acceptable on any ground.

User Consent

At the time of signing up your account or registering at, you agree to all terms and condition of the platform. This way, your consent enables the platform to keep all the rights. Along with this consent, you and, both abide by the non-disclosure agreement. With this consent you allow to send emails, exciting offers, and notification of desired profiles.

The consent is an affirmation for not only for using the platform but also accepting all terms of use of This way, you and enter into an agreement on one-to-one basis.

User responsibility:

It is the responsibility to read the terms of use and privacy policy and work accordingly on the site. Any discrepancy gives the right to to sue the users and indemnify the platform. If you agree to terms and conditions of the site, users are the solely responsible for this.

Neither we are liable to protect the public information nor do we guarantee the use of it by any other linked site. So, only you are the responsible person for any information shared thereon.

Terms of Use:

The platform is very strict for its privacy and security. So, users must have to go through the terms of use in order to avoid any unusual action. Use the platform for the sole purpose of dating and making friends. Don’t even to try to use this platform for your personal business, advertisement or solicitation. If any user of the site does so, he or she will have to indemnify the loss to the site.

Also, reserves the rights to deny access. It can restrict the access to certain areas.

Eligibility criteria for registering:

You must be an adult for registering at It means you can be the user or member of only if you have attained the age of 18. Once you register at the site, you are abiding by the agreement of the site. Any registration which is prohibited or against the law, will be void-ab-initio and admins of the site keep the authority to block the user or terminate the account.

No member or user of can transfer or trade the membership at any cost. One member of cannot allow taking the benefit of his or her account to another member of Illegal use or unauthorized access to any account or use of this platform will result in lawful legal actions against such person.

Members’ criteria:

Members of the site are not supposed to use this platform for any action that is against the law. If any user of the site capture for engaging in illicit relationship or promoting the same, he or she will have to surrender the membership of the site.

No member can display pornography or sexually explicit material on the platform. Members that come to notice for advocating of harassment, promoting racism, and harming physically will be liable to loss of account at along with the punishment of indemnifying others.  Also, user and members cannot publish any material which is copyright infringement or violation of any other site.

Members should avoid the chain creation of multiple letters or emails for bothering the other member of Spam mails, chain letters, junk mails, spam messages, and illegal texts are not allowed to send or publish. Otherwise, it will be treated as the violation of its terms of uses and the defaulter will have to compensate the other person.

Profile verification: verifies the profile of members by sending links on registered mail account. But it does not take any private information from your mail account. Users can delete the profile or deactivate account any time. It is optional to use your registered account on Also, users cannot create multiple profiles on our single platform. If it comes to know the team of that a user has created multiple profiles, warn or delete any profile that it smells fake.

Other than this, also keeps the right to delete or block any member’s profile. Soliciting any content, engagement in commercial activities, advertising without consent or trading any material or thing will result in profile termination. If any member of person is terminated from the platform, he or she will get the prior notice of termination or profile deletion.

Prohibition on non-commercial use:

The website is only for personal use, and any commercial use of this platform is prohibited. Also, registered or non-registered companies, business, and organizations cannot join the platform. Members of are neither supposed to nor entitled to collect username, email address, or any other such information for the purpose of investigation or collection for making commercial use.

Be aware!

Any information provided at public forums, reviews and comments at become the public information. Other users, advertisers, or even non-members can see the information shared at such places. It is advisable to think twice before sharing any credentials or passwords or any other such information at public places that can cause you harm or result in loss. is not liable or responsible for any scam happened to you. As being duteous, says to be aware of any monetary or other scams.

Be smart enough and don’t let anyone fraudster capture you!

Safety tips: is aimed at providing safe and secure surfing at the platform. But it does not give any privilege to any of its member for treating as special or golden members. Safety concerns are equal for all. provides various security options to tighten the privacy and security. From blocking and reporting options to photo filters and content filters, a user can apply all for the sake of the safety of personal information and privacy.

At any time, registered people or members can edit, remove, alter, change or modify the details provided by them.

Members’ dispute: is not responsible for any misconduct with other users. But the platform gives the privilege to file a complaint against any other member only on reasonable grounds. If there is any dispute between members, you are only responsible for all interaction with other members. does not hand on or get into the matter in any case. reserves all the rights of blocking or deleting profiles of users, but it is not obliged to do the same on the sole ground of members’ disputes.

Copyright policies:

All the content, pictures, images, material posted on the website entertain the special rights. Members cannot use, distribute, sell or trade the material published on the website. The material and content posted on the platform are copyrighted and if any members want to use such material or content, he or she will have to take the prior permission from the owner.

Copyright infringement, trademark misuse, and use of proprietary information without permission will lead to legal actions. keeps all the rights related to preserving access and proprietary rights of the platform.

Disclaimer: disclaims any liability or responsibility for results that occur due to any content or material posted on the platform. This is to inform that user or members are solely responsible for all the dealings or interactions or disputes if any. Whether it is online or offline services provided by, neither members have right to take legal action against any mistake, error or omission nor assumes any responsibility towards such issues, defects or mistake. is not responsible for any delay in operation or transmission or beak of communication meanwhile the transactions. If there is technical problem or malfunctioning in the system, will not be responsible to indemnify any such risk or damage. Also, this online platform neither guarantees nor promises to get specific results by using the platform. disclaims any criminal or non-criminal, legal or illegal results arising out of the use of any post or material published on the website.

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